Room 140A Sign

Room 140A is a room in the janitor's hallway on the first floor, about which many rumors have circulated.

Room SignEdit

The sign just outside the door to Room 140A identifies the room as belonging to the "Facilities Manager & Dark Lord of the Sith."   No one knows exactly why MLWGS decided to employ someone with the power to conquer the universe and destroy planets at whim, but, nevertheless, we have a celebrity among us.


Some people belive that either the room or the sign is not actually real.  However, this can be easily disproved by a quick trip down the hallway while one has any free time, such as lunch or study hall.  Others believe the the hallway itself is haunted.  While this has not been proven, it has not been disproven, although the rumors probably originate from the poor lighting and industrial, utilitarian style in which it is decorated; a style that does not necessarily try to comfort the user of the space, but rather provude an environment that is cost-efficient and useable.