Michael White is currently the Russian teacher at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies, but he also teaches two Global Studies classes (one ninth and one tenth grade class).  He posesses a very unique teaching style that frequently employs puns and catchphrases such as "Echad Elohiem."

Early lifeEdit

Michael White was born near Hershey, Pennsylvania sometime in the mid-20th century between the Cuban Missile Crisis and the collapse of the Berlin Wall. He worked at the Hershey Hotel where he would eat chocolate bars whenever he wanted, until he became sick of the things.

Teaching styleEdit

Frequently using puns to convey his teachings, Mr. White, as often as not, remains in front of his class, for a total of as many as ten minutes per class, in awkward silence as he tries to make a pun or his pun is really bad.  But, his classes mostly enjoy at least this aspect of his teaching style, and thus he is forgiven, even after making comments about the temperature of the room or the brevity of the crowd in order to attempt to recover from his failed attempts at humor.  The class respects him and he the class, and they work together with a unity reminiscent of one of his favorite phrases "that the ancient Hebrews would have called an Echad Elohiem."

Examples of punsEdit

  • (When refering to something related to the Iran or Persia) "That's Iran-ic"
  • (Advertisement for Russian I) "Quit Stalin.  Start Russian."
  • *Freshmen walks into class looking for binder* "Looks like he was in a bind(er)...He just had to loose his binder...if he'd lost it he would've had to leaf..."