Jim HoldrenEdit

Jim Holdren (????- present) is the fearless coach of the Maggie Walker cross-country and track teams. A man of few words and many grunts, nevertheless he has guided his teams to incalculable state championships including the legendary Triple Crown of 2014-15. Known for his fondness of spreadsheets, Athleticore, and stopwatches, Coach Holdren stands as the pillar of the running community at Maggie Walker. In his precious free time, it is rumored that he goes dancing.

Early, early Life Edit

Not much is known about the early life of Jim Holdren, much is built upon speculation and anecdotes passed down through second and third hands. Coach Holdren was born sometime before the birth of Christ, possibly in Ancient Greece. A young man during the first Persian War in 492 B.C., according some legends, Jim Holdren taught Pheidippides, the first marathon runner, economical form and how to really push the hills. Choosing the Vitae Coursae in Athens as his practice location, Holdren began his venerable career as a coaching demigod. Eventually Pheidippides became the fastest runner in all of Greece for the 5K and above, and was chosen to relay messages between the city states. Following the clutch victory at Marathon, Coach sent Pheidippides on a long run to Athens to bring news of victory. Despite Holdren's warnings, Pheidippides did not immediately begin to jog after his workout, and he died on the spot. Holdren then passed into obscurity, popping up in history whenever there were great runners to be made. According to eyewitness accounts transcribed in the margins of the New Testament, it was Jim Holdren who taught Jesus to run on water.

20th Century Edit

Jim Holdren began his coaching career at the University of William and Mary, while he was still a cross country runner.

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