Dan Brown Edit

Dan Brown, not to be confused with the slightly above par fiction writer, is one of most outstanding teachers in the History Department at Maggie Walker. He teaches 9th grade Global Studies, AP US History, the Military History senior seminar, and occasionally an elective class. His teaching style consists primarily of interesting lectures given in front of a whiteboard with discussion built organically in. Though at times quite intimidating, Dan Brown generally likes his students and loves to talk after class. If you are ever in need of a discursive topic to distract from the topics at hand, ask him about his favorite public fountain. He actually has a list.

Classes Edit

The two distinctive marks of a Dan Brown history class are difficult tests, and minimal homework. Not a fan of busy work, most of what he will give you is meaningful. Often incorporating creative projects that take him forever to grade, Dan Brown's class is never dull. A man of high class and culture, one of his favorite assignments is the creation of historical memes. For some reason, that really makes his day.